Myself, My Wife…..and Goodshot

We were close….really close.

This lovely photograph was taken during our first trip to Euro Disney. It’s a great picture, and I think it shows just how happy we were and what a great time we had there. If you look carefully, you can see that all three of us are seriously LOVING Mickey Mouse Land: myself, my wife and our best friend, Goodshot.

There’s only one problem, really: the guy on the right is NOT our best friend. In fact, I have absolutely no idea who he is. We never met him, spoke to him or saw him anywhere else on the Disney trip. I call him Goodshot because, plainly speaking, here is a man who can look COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE in other people’s photographs.

I have a few distinct memories: one is of me asking an elderly lady to take the photograph (we were on a river boat), and the other is of wondering ‘why is this guy turning around as well…..?’ I remember the old lady looking at him and saying ‘try to look more relaxed’, so she must have thought he was with us, too.

I looked at him. He looked at me….and we smiled. MY smile was awkward and questioning: his wasn’t.

Frankly, I think Goodshot is AWESOME.

I really like him, because I imagine he’s in a LOT of people’s family photographs…..and, frankly, it takes a hairy pair of balls to look THAT satisfied while standing next to two complete strangers. Good on him. Goodshot’s my boy: he’s one of life’s winners, and the chances are he’s coming to a photograph near you.

Some people might ask why we haven’t cut Goodshot out of the photograph, and the answer is that we’re seriously lazy when it comes to unpacking. Check THIS out:


The above is a beautiful ‘memories’ frame set we bought just after we moved into the house. Those pictures in there are not of us: they’re the stock images that came with the frames. That couple, and those kids have been given pride of place in our bedroom for YEARS. I call them Steve and Rach, and the kids Nelly and Slowbob. My son Sebastian keeps asking who they are, and I’ve even told him a few times that they’re people we used to know….

….just like Goodshot.

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